DTD in numbers

Last 28 years we were focused on improving quality and catching ability of our products. Many small steps resulted in one big, that is recognized by the world.

Our products can be found in more than 20 different countries and we can proudly say in many categories our products are in front of competitors.

Today, DTD is one of the leading brands in production of fishing equipment, especially squid jigs.

All products are tested, balanced and what is most important, great in fishing.

At this moment our assortment contains more than 200 different models, what combined with sizes/weights/colors gives 3600 different products.

This year was our 10th EFTTEX (biggest European fishing show).

Average annual increase of turnover is 15%, followed by increase of employees, we currently have 90 employees...

More than 1000 shops worldwide have our products in their offer, what speak for itself. That serves as an honour, but also an obligation to continue not only follow, but set world trends and highest standards.


Be sure we will!


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