There is no customer satisfaction without quality products.


Quality product implies quality materials.

We at DTD believe there is no alternative to quality. In each and every detail we are seeking best possible solution always thinking on quality.

Production of fishing equipment implies a lot of different materials and precise work.

Most of our materials are from Europe, for example plastic that we use is from Germany, metals from Austria and Czech Republic, glue and phosphor pigment from Austria, fiberglass from Serbia, foils from Slovenia, wooden material from Croatia, electronic components from South Korea...

We have strong cooperation with fishermen and we are listening their advices and ideas. After all, fishing is the only and ultimate test of quality and catching ability of our products.

Looking for best solution often means hours and hours of work, meetings and talks with different companies, visiting different exhibitions....That often means many different suppliers in same group of product and best example is cloth for our products, which we get from 5 different countries: Croatia, Italy, Japan, Spain and Slovenia, 

Behind every product you see on shelfs there are hundred of hours of meetings with fisherman, hundred hours in front of computer and even more in testing the prototypes.


Only test can make the best of our product.


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