NEW PRODUCTS 2021/2022


Dear friends,
EFTTEX, largest fishing tackle exhibition in the world was postponed second time due to Covid-19 crisis.
New catalog is just published online: LINK
As always, we prepared some new interesting products:
Ballistic Egi is a new squid jig for eging that combines egi shape and long casting concept.

Red Killer DEEP is new squid jig also for eging that has similar characteristics as White Killer Egi with 2 differences: body is glowing red and sinking speed is 3 s/m, ideal for deeper terrains.


Red Killer bukva is new squid jig for catching squids from boat, similar as White Killer bukva, but with red glow body.

You will be amazed...
That is not all, we have high quality pink braid line for eging, UV lamp, new underwater lamps...

Enjoy fishing and look out for your health!